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The right choice of hive is the basis for keeping bees. Whether you are an admirer of traditional wooden hives or you go with the times and choose hives made of polyurethane, polystyrene or the most innovative EPP nucleus hives - in our offer you will find a wide selection of hive types.

The hive is essential for the proper functioning of the bee colony. Bees live and gather food supplies there. Proper construction of the hive provides easy access to the colony and allows for apiary work without overly irritating the bees.

In our offer you will find hives and their components, from which you can build the perfect home for bee colonies.

Construction and types of hives

All modern hives are a cube-shaped structure. They consist of a bottom, a nest body, bodies, a crown board and a roof. The heart of the hive is the nest body - it is where the bees breed and the queen lays her eggs.

The different types of hives differ not only in size, but also in construction and size.

Apiary from the scratch - which hives to buy?

Setting up your first apiary requires the purchase of many beekeeping accessories. The most important of these, and certainly one of the more costly, is the purchase of bee hives. Depending on the frame size chosen, hives can be of different sizes. The largest are usually wooden hives, which, despite the many innovations on the market, are still very popular because they feature good nest ventilation. Beginning beekeepers who are facing the choice of the first hives for their apiary like to go for polystyrene hives. They are definitely lighter and at the same time very durable. For itinerant apiaries, on the other hand, polystyrene hives, which are very light and convenient to transport, are most often chosen.

In the offer of our store you can find all the above-mentioned types of hives. Our hives come in various configurations. A wide selection of hive components allows you to build your own hive in any configuration. 

LYSON hives for every beekeeper

Hives of our production are valued for the highest quality and durability, which guarantees unwavering and sustainable growth of bee colonies.

In the subcategory of polystyrene hives, you can purchase lightweight and modern structures that provide excellent insulation for bees during the winter. Thanks to their long life and solid workmanship, they are a great alternative to traditional wooden hives. 

In our offer you will find full equipment for the hive of your choice, as well as other apiary equipment and accessories: feeders, honey extractors, beekeeping clothing - everything needed by both the beginner and the experienced beekeeper.

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