LYSON products are covered by following Limited Warranty periods.

Limited Coverage:

  • PREMIUM Line – 7 years
  • CLASSIC Line – 5 years
  • OPTIMA, MINIMA, BASIC Lines – 2 years

The above warranty periods do not include following components/elements listed in below:

  • Controllers
  • Drive box/Gearbox
  • Electrical/electronic components
  • Bearing
  • Springs
  • Structural damage of cassette’ in Cassette Extractors.


Concerning above mentioned components/elements, Lyson Company provides warranty period of:

  • PREMIUM Line - 36 Months

Warranty starts from the date of purchase.

What is covered by the warranty:

Products or parts that are defective in materials and/or workmanship. This will be determined upon receiving the faulty equipment (where applicable) or photo/video evidence as a proof of damage.

What is not covered:

Warranty policy doesn’t cover defects caused by; product abuse, dismantling electrical components without consulting the manufacturer, failure to adhere to product instructions, improper operations or use for purposes other than intended.

What is required to file a warranty complaint:

  • Proof of purchase – original or copy.
  • Lyson ID code and serial number of faulty equipment.
  • Pictures and/or short video showing faulty equipment.
  • The complaint is reported directly by the distributor in written form:

How does the warranty policy work:

  1. In case of warranty claim, the buyer obliged to return the item to the place of purchase (distributor) if/when necessary. The manufacturer will provide replacement part(s) at free of charge however, the shipping and handling cost of receiving replacement parts to-and-from the place of purchase (Distributor) are covered by the purchaser/customer.
  2. If the Buyer agrees to receive spare parts and further agrees to perform the repair service on their own, Lyson undertakes to send spare parts directly to the customer or to the Distributor.
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