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Is beekeeping your passion or profession? You certainly need high-quality protective clothing that will provide a barrier against insect stings. In our wide range of products you will find beekeeper's outfit made of durable and aesthetic materials that will last for many seasons. We offer a complete set or its individual components, so that you can compose it yourself or select missing products. Beekeeping clothing is tailored to age and requirements - we offer both basic products for amateur beekeepers and a professional line prepared for those working in commodity apiaries. If you organize training courses on beekeeping or open days showing, for example, the interiors of beehives, children's clothes will certainly come in handy to protect the youngest from the bees.

When beekeeping clothing becomes indispensable

Our beekeeping clothing will be indispensable if you are allergic to bee venom, which can lead to damage to your health and, in extreme cases, even death. A full suit along with a hat will certainly protect against such an eventuality. The beekeeper's outfit is also recommended for people who are new to the profession, who do not yet know how to handle insects or are afraid of direct contact. If you are keeping one of the aggressive breeds of bees, protective clothing is a must in order to carry out the most important work calmly and without haste.

Top quality beekeeper's clothes

The beekeeper's outfit available in our offer is manufactured from high-quality fabric, which is not only durable, but also provides adequate breathability and comfort. The cut does not restrict movement, allowing you to comfortably perform inspections and carry out other apiary work. The beekeeper's outfit is distinguished by its subdued colors, which will not irritate insects, working well in any situation. We offer both clothing in classic white, in a shade of beige, as well as more bright colors.

The most important elements of a beekeeper's outfit

Each beekeeper's outfit consists of a number of essential elements. You can choose a suit that protects the upper and lower parts of the body at once, or separately pants and a sweatshirt. A very important role is played by the hat, which protects the face and neck from stings, which are the most risky. At the same time, it does not limit visibility, giving full comfort. The complete outfit should also include gloves and work shoes.

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