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Honey uncapping machines at LYSON store

We offer the highest quality devices for uncapping honey, which are dedicated to small, medium and commodity apiary farms. Our products are made of high-quality materials that are durable and will not deteriorate, ensuring effective operation for many years. The devices are designed for specific types of frames, so it is worth reading the specifications of each model. We offer both honey uncapping tables, stainless steel trays, and devices with multiple functions, including wax melters, useful in any apiary. Models also differ in the degree of automation, the range of functions, so that everyone will match them to their own needs.

What uncapping is all about?

Bees cover honey combs with a thin layer of wax, which protects it from absorbing water vapor from the air, so it can be stored for up to several years. A beekeeper taking sealed honey is assured that it is mature. To be able to centrifuge the frames, he must first decant it with a fork uncapping device. Beekeepers in small apiaries place the combs on a tray rack and cut the obturator, but this is a very labor-intensive method. 

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