Plastic entrance reducer, Lyson plastic &...
Plastic entrance reducer, Lyson plastic & polysterene crownboards

Plastic entrance reducer, Lyson plastic & polysterene crownboards


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The plastic entrance reducer is an innovative solution that allows precise adjustment of the width of the hive inlet. This feature gives beekeepers control over the amount of space available, which is crucial in preventing food robbing from the hive. The stopper has the option of two inlet widths, allowing it to be adapted to individual needs and environmental conditions.

Adjustable inlet width:

  • The plastic reducer has two different inlet widths, allowing beekeepers to have full control over the bees' access to the hive. With this adjustment, the size of the opening can be easily adapted to changing conditions, ensuring optimal conditions for the colony.

Preventing food robbery:

  • One of the key uses of the reducer is to minimise the risk of food robbery from the hive.

Easy assembly and disassembly

  • The plastic reducer is easy to install and remove. The robust construction guarantees durability and stability during use.


High-quality materials

The reducer is made of durable and weather-resistant plastic, making the product long-lasting and not requiring frequent replacement.

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