In this place, we could write that Przedsiębiorstwo Pszczelarskie Łysoń has been present on the market since 1995 and is engaged in the production of beekeeping equipment. However, our approach to business and customers is unconventional. Information about our headquarters in Klecza Dolna or about our achievements can be found in the appropriate tabs; here we wanted to share our passion for beekeeping. We are inspired by bees – just like a bee community, our company develops, adapting to various complex factors. The broadly understood family (including the “corporate family") is the most important for us and, like these unusual insects, we devote a lot of time to "taking an interest" in honey. Bees know no borders, and here too we are similar. Our beekeeping equipment, which facilitates bee breeding and honey extraction, has already reached all continents, with the exception of Antarctica (which is understandable, as bees do not live there). We can say that our company has become a global brand, creating trends and changing the world’s beekeeping industry. Łysoń is not only the name of its founder but also a sign of great beekeeping equipment.

Your bees are our passion, which is why we focus on the development and support of beekeeping. We are proud to create products that make it easier for you to work in your apiary. With our offer we want to reach wherever bees live, to make the work of beekeepers better, more pleasant and, where necessary, also more efficient. We listen to customers and their needs and look for innovative solutions. We strive for the best possible relations with our partners and we are glad that with many of them we have not only business but also friendly relations. We value the exchange of experience and in order to foster this, we organize Open Days in our company every two years. We also often meet with our distributors to talk about business, industry news and bees.

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