Tangential honey extractors

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Are you running a small apiary or planning to start your beekeeping adventure? Your apiary workshop will need a honey extractor, which will allow you to effectively spin honey from the combs. In our offer we present a variety of products dedicated to specific needs - in a small farm - tangential models, taking into account the relation of price, quality and functionality. 

For whom are diagonal honey machines dedicated

A honey extractor is a device used for honey spinning - it should be adapted to the species of honey, the size of the apiary and the type of hives you have. The tangential model is dedicated to beginner beekeepers who do not ultimately produce honey for consumers, but only for their own needs. It will also work well in itinerant apiaries and as an emergency model, in a larger apiary farm.

How does a tangential honey extractor work?

We place the honeycombs in a position parallel to the wall of the drum and wait until the honey is spun on one side. Then we turn them over and repeat the steps for the other side. Just remember to set the right speed so as not to damage the honey frames.

Tangential honey extractor will work well in an apiary with several or a dozen hives, allowing you to centrifuge 3 or 4 combs at the same time. This model is always distinguished by its high centrifugation efficiency.

Electric or manual device?

Despite its smaller size, the tangential honey extractor in our offer can be manual, manual-electric and fully electric. Comparing the time of spinning honey, it is worth noting that electric models speed it up almost twice. 

In our offer every beekeeper will find 4 classes of equipment - the economical and functional Minima line, the standard Optima, as well as the Classic. The most demanding beekeepers should choose tangential honey extractors belonging to the Premium Line, made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with additional functionalities.

High-quality materials and attention to detail

The honey extractors available in our offer are available in different sizes - the size of the drum, and thus the number of frames the device can accommodate, should be adjusted to suit your needs. Most models are universal, so you will be able to centrifuge honey from few sizes of frames. The honey extractors are made of the highest quality materials - models in the PREMIUM class are made entirely of stainless steel and models in the CLASSIC class are made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

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