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Practical containers for honey

Storage of honey is of great importance for its quality and taste. In our assortment every beekeeper will find high quality honey containers and decanters, which are dedicated both for owners of large apiaries and for those taking their first steps. Our products are always made of high-quality materials that guarantee long use. With different capacities, functions and materials of construction, you are sure to find a honey container that suits your needs, taking it to trade fairs, using it in an industrial apiary or at home.

A few words about honey storage

Storage of honey is very important, as it is related to its quality. This bee product should be in a tightly closed container, away from sunlight, at room temperature or lower. If you care about storing honey for commercial purposes, it is necessary to use special rooms with reduced temperature and adjusted humidity.

Honey bucket and smaller containers

For smaller apiaries, a honey bucket will be invaluable for conveniently pouring honey after honeying and filling containers. Stainless steel models are durable and do not adversely affect the taste or shelf life of honey. They can even serve as a honey separator if you want to reduce the cost of running an apiary. A polypropylene honey bucket is a less costly option, proving useful for a variety of beekeeping jobs. 

Professional honey separators

Honey container for medium-sized apiary and commodity apiary must perform additional functions. In our assortment you will find professional models with a variety of capacities, for which you can choose strainers and other accessories. Thanks to them, our honey will be able to clarify properly. The honey separator can even be equipped with a special horizontal sieve, a water jacket, a pump and other important functions that experienced beekeepers will appreciate. 

Additional accessories

We also offer a range of additional accessories that will make the work of storing honey easier. Drainers or racks, barrel bags, and stand-off holders are just a few that are worth purchasing as a set for your apiary. We encourage you to take a look at our full offer and choose the products that will speed up and facilitate the selected work.

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