Rotary wax melter
Rotary wax melter
Rotary wax melter
Rotary wax melter

Rotary wax melter

The rotary melter is a device designed to recover wax from cut frames or entire frames located in a perforated basket. The drum, at the bottom of which there is a heater immersed in water, generating steam, heats the load to the appropriate temperature, enabling effective wax centrifugation. The melter is equipped with an external tank with a low water level protection that prevents the heater from burning. After obtaining the appropriate temperature, the melter melts down full load in about 20 minutes.


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Technical data:

drum, perforated basket with an eyelet Ø3,
cover - stainless steel - acid-resistant OH18N9 
legs, rim, control housing - black powder coated steel
Controller: SDD-2DP 
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz 
Heater power: 3000W 
Motor power: 250W
Valve: flap 6/4 "
Melter height: 1110mm
Drum height/ diameter 480/505 mm 
Drain valve distance from the ground: 370mm

Product Details

Power supply
Belt drive 24V/250W
Honey gate
Stainless 6/4”

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