Wax melter, insulated
Wax melter, insulated
Wax melter, insulated
Wax melter, insulated

Wax melter, insulated

Gas wax melter is a useful tool when you want to melt down the combs or cappings you`ll collect during extraction. Added insulation makes it more fuel efficient.  A set includes gas burner with thermocouple and spark gap igniter.

t is intended for recovering wax from bee frames or the same drying using the steam method. The device consists of an external tank in which there is water and a basket containing frames or drought. This model has insulated side walls, thanks to which energy losses have been eliminated.

Wax melter in the set also has a gas stool with a power of 8kW, by which he heats the tank with water. Topiary made of stainless steel, depending on the type of frames, can hold from 10 to 20 frames.


internal dimensions: 455x525x615 mm.
external dimensions (width x height x depth): 515x585x615 mm.
dimensions of the basket on the frame: 380x450x450 mm.

As standard, we add special pads to the device to increase the comfort and safety of bee-keeping. Thanks to them, the vibrations are minimized. The pads are made of PVC (SOFT) material. By using LYSON pads you ensure the highest quality of device optimization.

Stainless steel
Gas tool with thermocouple 7 kW - power LPG
External dimension (width x height x depth)
515x585x615 mm
Frame basket diimensions
Internal dimension (width x height x depth)
455x525x615 mm
2 years
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