Uncapping machine with automatic feed and...

Uncapping machine with automatic feed and holding frame, 230V, with liquid heated knives - PREMIUM LINE

Uncapping machines in PREMIUM LINE are entirely made of stainless steel. The device is equipped with an intuitive controller, that manages the device’s work. For the presented uncapping tables we recommend one of the following options. We ask for information if you choose any of the options.


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Premium LINE uncapping tables

Thanks to the Controller, we can control:

Frame feeder: the controller can be used to adjust the direction of rotation ("START" button with the appropriate arrow) and engine speed ("+" or "-" buttons). The screen displays the current status of the feeder and the percentage of engine speed.

Blade and transport chain drive: thanks to the controllers we can turn on or off the blade and chain drive ("START" and "STOP" buttons). The screen displays the current status of the team.

Knife heating system: the controller makes it possible to start or stop the operation of the knife heating assembly ("START" and "STOP" buttons) and to adjust the temperature of that assembly ("+", "-" buttons). The controller screen displays the current operating status as well as the current and set temperature.

Uncapping table with uncapping machine with automatic feeder (230V) with closed circulation (on a rack) - premium

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