Cappings extruder up to 100 kg/h - OPTIMA

Cappings extruder up to 100 kg/h - OPTIMA

Cappings extruder - OPTIMA LINE. Equipment capacity - 100kgs / h. The extruder is one of the latest devices offered by the Lyson company. Its main task is to separate the honey and press the pressings in a mechanical way.


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OPTIMA LINE extruder is one of the latest devices offered by the Łysoń company. The device is available in two performance variants: 50 kg / h and 100 kg / h.
The machine is intended to separate honey and press the uncapped honey in a mechanical manner.
This process occurs inside a perforated cylinder, where a rotating separating and pressing module presses the honey which gets through the orifices between a separating shaft and perforated steel plate and drains on a sieve located underneath.
The remaining wax is moved and pressed by a helix inside the extruder and moved outside. In this manner we receive dry wax in the form ready to be melted.
The device is made of high-quality acid-resistant stainless steel. The device is equipped with wheels for easy transport.
One of the main advantages of the device is the ease of use of the controller and compact dimensions. An additional advantage of the extruder is the precise execution of all machine elements.

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions:

    • lenght: 1200 mm
    • width: 530mm
    • height: 800 mm
  • Power / Engine::

    • engines: 0,55 kW
    • power supply: 400V
    • engine and gear cover made of black steel, powder coated
    • speed of screw rotation: max 9 RPM
  • Control system

    • the L-0-P switch has no screw-rotation adjustment available.
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