Capping extruder - 50 kg/h

Capping extruder - 50 kg/h

The machine is designed to separate honey and to compress cappings in a mechanical way. This process takes place inside a perforated cylinder where rotating compression auger squeezes honey out of wax and pushes it it through the perforation into the collection tank underneath. The wax is further compressed and exits the machine as a ready to be melted dry wax. 


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The most important element of the extruder is variable thread pitch, auger compression and transport module driven by an electric motor coupled with gear reducer. The whole is mounted onto adjustable stand. The machine is compact sized and user-friendly. Controller allows to adjust the speed. The device is equipped with wheels for easy moving. Made of acid resistant stainless steel and food grade synthetic materials.

The extruder may also be used in the food industry as a fruit press.


• Efficiency: up to 50 kg/h
• Power supply 230V
• Power 0,55 kW
• Adjustable speed: max 14 RPM
• Dimensions: height 68 cm, width 41 cm, length 105 cm

Product line
Power supply
0,55 kW
410x1050x680 mm
50 kg/h
max 14 RPM
2 years
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