Automatic feed uncapping machine, 400...

Automatic feed uncapping machine, 400 V, with uncapping tank, electric heated knives

Uncapping machine is a device which can mechanically prepare capped honey frames for the process of honey extraction. It is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness of work.


Device parameters:

  • knife drive motor power - 0.18kW
  • feeder drive motor power - 0.12kW
  • feeder rotation speed - 9 rpm
  • heating power of knives - 2x 200W
  • heating time for knives - 5min
  • efficiency - 4 frames / min
  • table from 1500mm long, equipped with wheels
  • and two perforated baskets
Power supply
0,18 kW
Heating power
2 x 400 W
4 frames/min
Warming up time
about 5 min
2 years
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