Soap base white 1 kg
Soap base white 1 kg
Soap base white 1 kg
Soap base white 1 kg

Soap base white 1 kg

White soap making base is the perfect starting point for creating soaps in the comfort of your home. This high-quality soap base provides a solid foundation for creating a variety of soaps, allowing you to express your creativity and care for your skin.


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The white soap base is the foundation on which you can build your own soap masterpieces. You can experiment with shapes (see our molds), colors (soap pigments), fragrances (fragrance oils) and additives, creating unique soaps to suit your taste and needs.

You don't have to worry about complicated soapmaking processes - just melt the base, add the ingredients of your choice and put it in the mold.

Our soap base contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin without causing excessive dryness. Soaps created with this base leave skin soft and moisturized after each use.

Soaps created with our white base are characterized by excellent durability and texture. They create a smooth lather that makes washing a pleasure.

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