Soap base shea butter 1 kg
Soap base shea butter 1 kg
Soap base shea butter 1 kg
Soap base shea butter 1 kg

Soap base shea butter 1 kg

Our shea butter soap base is an excellent choice for all enthusiasts of making soaps at home. This high-quality soap base provides an excellent basis for creating soaps in a variety of shapes that not only care for your skin, but also provide relaxing moments during your daily skin care routine.


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The soap base contains large amounts of natural shea butter, which is known for its excellent moisturizing properties. This makes soaps created with this base gentle on the skin without causing excessive dryness.

The base is ready to use and requires no complicated processes. You can add your favorite essential oils, pigments or moisturizing additives to it to customize the soap to your preferences and needs.

Creating your own soaps becomes not only an enjoyable hobby, but also a way to customize your skin care according to your preferences. Our  soap base is an excellent choice that will allow you to create beautiful, unique soaps that are both functional and wonderfully fragrant. Let your creativity run wild and create your own personal care masterpieces with our high-quality soap base.

To make fragrant wonders, we also recommend soap making molds in various shapes and soap pigments in all colors of the rainbow.

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