Silicon mould - bee cylinder mini
Silicon mould - bee cylinder mini
Silicon mould - bee cylinder mini
Silicon mould - bee cylinder mini

Silicon mould - bee cylinder mini

New shapes of Lyson silicone moulds refer to appetizing desserts, but also to autumn pumpkins, rose flowers or lavender. In these collection there are also cylinders with a warm, homely motive.

Mould size:
Height: 110mm
Diameter: 53mm
Weight: 0,22kg

Candle size: 
Height: 110mm
Diameter: 35mm
Wax weight: 60g
Wick: 3x10


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Silicone moulds are made of flexible and durable silicone with plastic properties that enable their repeated use. Before filling the mould with liquid wax, it is recommended to spray it with silicone spray. Silicone is both a preservative for the mould and a factor that makes it easier to remove the finished candles.

The variety of offered forms will give you the opportunity to make candles for every occasion.

The prepared candle can be gently sprayed with silicone spray which will give it a shine. Preparing your candles, you can ennoble them up a little by adding fragrance oils intended for candles to the still-liquid wax. Candles, made in this way, will be a unique decoration as well as an original gift for family and friends.

Recommendations for using the mould:

Precautions must be taken when making mould castings, bearing in mind, that you are working with a hot substance.

To make it easier to remove the candle from the mould it is recommended to spray the mould with silicone spray. The wick should be put into the mould before pouring, it should be slightly taut. Before pouring the wax into the mould, the mould should be tied with string or tied together with rubber bands. For candle making we use liquid wax heated to 50°C.

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