Honey bottler with stand - CLASSIC LINE

Honey bottler with stand - CLASSIC LINE

The honey bottler set consists of:

- Honey bottler unit

- Foot switch

- Hose pipe 1,5m

- Quick connector for connecting the hose to the pump

- Hose clamp


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Honey bottler with stand - CLASSIC

Main features:

• Low speed pump with silicone impeller

• Digitally controlled

• Fills about 350 jars of 500 g per hour

• Filling accuracy: up to 1200g +/- 1%, above 1200g +/- 1.5%

• Filling range from 50 g to 45 kg

• Can be used as a pump (after disassembling the nozzle)

• All parts that have a direct contact with honey are made of stainless steel or plastic approved for food contact

• 230V / 180 W

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