Wax melter with gas stool, small

Wax melter with gas stool, small

Small wax melter made by stainless steel with gas stool gratis


Technical specifications:

Material: stainless steel
Tank dimensions:
length: 515 mm,
width: 360 mm,
height: 495 mm,
drain diameter: 1"

Frame basket dimensions:
length: 445 mm,
width: 290 mm,
height: 330 mm
Capacity of the wax melting machine: 13 Dadant honey combs
Free: gas stool
Power supply: LPG

Number of entire frames fitting into the basket: »»9 - 12 Dadant frames. 

Perforated basket with functional handles, made entirely of stainless steel.

NOTE: Devices may be used outside or in well ventilated rooms. Gas pressure reducer not included.

User's manual
1. Fill the tank with water to the drain pipe level
2. Fill the basket with frames or dried honeycombs
3. Cover the device with the lid
4. Place the gas burner under the device in such way that it heats the whole bottom surface
5. Wait until the steam is generated and the melted wax flows through the drain pipe
6. After the melting is done check the water level and top it up if needed.
7. Fill the basket with frames or dried honeycombs
8. Repeat the points 6 and 7 until the melting is finished
9. After the melting is finished turn the gas burner off and close the gas cylinder
10. Clean the basket and prepare it for the next use

As standard, we add special pads to the device to increase the comfort and safety of bee-keeping. Thanks to them, the vibrations are minimized. The pads are made of PVC (SOFT) material. By using LYSON pads you ensure the highest quality of device optimization.

Stainless steel
Gas tool with thermocouple 6,4 kW - power LPG
515x360x495 mm
Frame basket diimensions
445x290x330 mm
2 years
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