Stainless handle for pipe ø50 for settlers -...

Stainless handle for pipe ø50 for settlers - wall thickness up to 50mm

The ø40 or ø50 hose holder is designed to easier the work in the beekeeping studio. This product is an ideal solution for those who have containers (settlers, creamers, etc.) with heating jacket up to 50 mm thick or without a water/heating jacket.


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The holder can be successfully used with settlers or creamers, as well as any containers with walls up to 50 mm thick. Practical placement of the hose on the container saves space and improves the work - the hose does not get dirty or kinked, thus extending its life.

The product is made of durable and damage-resistant material - stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting use. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it easy to install.

The holder has a solid mounting, which ensures the stability of the hose and minimizes the risk of accidental displacement or damage. With this hose holder, you can conveniently and comfortably perform necessary tasks, keeping your studio clean and tidy.

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