Honey bottler with gear module and mini...

Honey bottler with gear module and mini turntable - PREMIUM Line

The automatic turntable is a great device that greatly increases the efficiency of the work, accelerating the process of filling the jars, making cream honey and the possibility of using it as the racking pump. All elements are made of stainless steel or approved materials in use with feed products


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This automatic turntable consists of:

• Table base: height-adjustable base allows for the regulation of the dispensing device’s height, it is equipped with wheels
• Turntable made of stainless steel: The table top is divided by jars guide - into two parts. The first part is for the empty jars to fill in; the second part is for filled jars,
• The controller regulates speed of the table

Performance: 400 jars 500g / h
Power supply: 230V
Filling range: 50g to 55 kg
Motor: 180W

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Power supply
400 jars 500g / h

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