Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg
Honey dryer 70 kg

Honey dryer 70 kg

The device is used for removing water from the honey. The water contained in honey should not exceed 18%. To prevent spoilage of the fresh honey, excess of water should be removed


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Honey dryer 70 kg

Technical Specifications:

- is acid-resistant stainless steel
- power supply - 230V
- power - 1.65 kW:
- 370 W motor
- heater 1,200 W
- 55 W heater fan
- drive: engine 370 W, 900 rpm / Min. , reducer CHM50 i = 100
- dimensions: length 950, width 780, height 1220 mm
- stainless steel flap valve 6/4 "
- smooth speed control with a potentiometer
- temperature range adjustment
- net weight - 84 kg

The LYSON dryer is a perfect solution for beekeepers who want to provide their customers and consumers with the highest quality of produced honey. 

The device consists of a dehydration chamber, a set of rotating plates and an aggregate blowing warm air. The use of a dryer is very simple. In the first step, we put honey inside the main chamber, close the device and turn it on. The plates installed inside begin to rotate steadily, collecting mixed and dried honey on its surface. The temperature inside the device is controlled by a special sensor ensuring full safety of the product. The dryer features smooth adjustment of the disc rotation and temperature range. In the case of the valve, we used a high-class 6/4 ”stainless steel flap valve. During the tests of the device, we subjected to a drying process of 72 kg of honey. During three hours of operation, the moisture level decreased from 21% to 18.8%.

The device greatly accelerates the beekeeping work and indirectly influences the efficiency of bee colonies in obtaining nectar. Ensure the highest quality of beekeeping devices using proven and innovative LYSON solutions.

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