Honey creaming machine 50 L (70 kg), 230V –...

Honey creaming machine 50 L (70 kg), 230V – PREMIUM

PREMIUM line creaming machines are available in two versions with heating and without heating. It`s equipped with an advanced controller which allows to set the parameters of creaming process.


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These devices are designed to carry out the honey creaming process. The right design of the mixing blade made of acid-resistant stainless steel allows for the exact creaming of honey. Creaming involves the inoculation of liquid honey with crystallized honey and the abrasion of honey crystals at low rotational speed. The process of creaming should take place in repetitive "work-stop" cycles. Correctly creamy honey has a texture similar to butter. Technical parameters: CE-03 control with the possibility of changing the duration of the staging and operation of the mixer with a digital display 230V power supply mixer speed: 36 rpm entirely made of stainless steel

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