Honey dryer - 300 kg
Honey dryer - 300 kg
Honey dryer - 300 kg
Honey dryer - 300 kg

Honey dryer - 300 kg

Honey dryer 300 kg (about 215 l)


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Honey dryer 300 kg (about 215 l)

• Heating power: 1200W / 230V

• Motor: 750W

• Plates diameter: Ø620 mm

• 7,2 RPM

• Dimensions: 1800×1030×1270 mm

• Efficiency to 2% per 10-12h

Honey dehydration is to be performed under circumstances when water content in the honey exceeds 18 20%. because it has been harvested too early or its quality is poor. High water content in honey reduces its shelf life, contributes to its stratification and fermentation even whit honey is stored in low temperature.

The device is intended to remove water surplus from the honey by evaporation. Heated air is supplied inside the device and it maintains dry microclimate there, which facilitates water evaporation from the honey. The drying process is ameliorated by the devices installed inside, rotating plates.

Controller’s handling is easy and intuitive. The device is powered by 230V current. Liquid or semi liquid honey is to be poured into the device until the level marked inside the dehydrator.

When the drying process has terminated, honey is to be drained from the device.

Device components:

• Dehydrator tank with a lid steel plate 0H18N9
• Dehydrator frame steel plate 0H18N9
• Engine + transmission
• Controller
• Connecting box
• Heater 1200W
• Duct fan 250m³/hour
• Air filter
• Heater elbow tube steel plate 0H18N9
• Sta inless steel flap valve 6/4
• Servomotor 2pcs
• Hinge to close the lid 2pcs
• Lid handle
• Drying plates fixed permanently to the shaft steel

ADDITIONAL you can buy Option for dryer W4020 or W4021- condensing aggregate

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