Honey dryer - 150 kg
Honey dryer - 150 kg
Honey dryer - 150 kg
Honey dryer - 150 kg

Honey dryer - 150 kg

The device is used for removing water from honey. The water contained in honey should not exceed 18%. To prevent spoilage of the fresh honey, excess of water should be removed. Capacitor removes water from honey by using warm air and platters rotating at a speed of up to 9 RPM.


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Honey dryer - 150 kg

The device is designed to remove excess water from honey by evaporating it. Inside, a heated air is supplied, which maintains a dry microclimate inside, which promotes evaporation of water from honey. The drying process is accelerated by rotating plates placed inside the device.

Operation of the controller is intuitive and easy.

• Heating power: 1200W / 230V

• Motor: 370W

• Plates diameter: Ø620 mm

• 9 RPM

• Dimensions: 1300×1030×1240 mm

• Efficiency: 2-3% per 10-12h

Additionally, you can purchase an additional option for dehydrator - aggregate accelerating the dehumidification process - W4022

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2-3% per 10-12h
Rotation speed

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