Honey creaming and decrystallization machine,...

Honey creaming and decrystallization machine, 600 L (850 kg), 400 V

Honey creaming machine is a mixing and stirring machine for production of creamed honey. Heated and insulated sides and bottom. Made of stainless steel, and fitted with fully automatic controller.  600 L (850 kg)


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These devices are designed to carry out the honey creaming process.
Appropriate design of the mixing propeller made of acid-proof stainless steel allows for accurate cremation of honey.

The creaming process should take place in repetitive cycles "work - stop"
»Stirrer operation - 15 min
»Stirrer standstill 1 h.

Properly creamy honey has a butter-like consistency.

There is a possibility of making devices according to individual orders.

Creaming honey
Fresh honey is thick and transparent. After some time, it crystallizes naturally. The correct crystallization temperature is 16-18oC. At higher temperatures, the crystallization process is slower and the crystals reach larger sizes.
Heating the honey to 40oC, and keeping it for several days, causes the honey to go from a crystallized state (crust) to a liquid (patok).
The creaming device has a special mechanical stirrer that allows you to carry out the recrystallization process, after which honey will obtain an ideal "spreading" consistency, similar to chocolate creams for children. This process involves cyclical aeration and intensive mixing of honey for several days until the right consistency is achieved. Aeration occurs during mixing.
Mixing is carried out several times a day for a period of about 10-15 minutes. For example, you can add crystallized honey to the patoki at the beginning. "Creaming" aims to produce many small seeds of crystallization and prevent existing honey crystals from growing. It is mechanical grinding of honey crystals. This honey, stored at a constant temperature, retains this consistency for many months.

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