Honey extractor 4-frames, tangential, universal...

Honey extractor 4-frames, tangential, universal basket Ø600, electric 230V

Tangential 4-frame honey extractor is dedicated to people with leg disabilities. It is used in small apiaries as well as by hobbyist beekeepers. It is distinguished by compact dimensions. Its design solutions allow for easy operation and use even when centrifuging the most dense honey. The cone-shaped bottom of the honey extractor allows free flow of honey down. The drum tilting system using an electric actuator allows you to easily pull out and rotate the frames. In order to immobilize the basket when inserting and rotating the frames, a blockade has been designed that prevents the basket from rotating freely and possible injury to the user.


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Honey extractor drum It is made of acid-resistant stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6mm. Appropriate placement of the rim additionally strengthens the drum structure.

Basket construction Universal tangential basket made of acid-resistant stainless steel bars arranged to protect the frames against breaking the honeycombs out during spinning. The basket is mounted in a slide-thrust sleeve. There are latch slots on the upper edge of the basket grids.

Electric drive The honey extractor is powered by 230V / 200W mains voltage. An MDD controller was used with a potentiometer regulating the engine revs and a switch adjusting the drum inclination. The engine and gearbox are mounted on the upper beam.

Cover Transparent, made of 3mm thick metaplex, protects the user against the danger of contact with the rotating basket and against dirt.

Drain valve Stainless steel 6/4 ”flap

Honey extractor rack Powder coated rack with level control

Honey extractor dimensions and weight:

• height -1100mm

• width - 900mm

• length - 730mm

• weight - 45 kg

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