MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown
MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown

MINI Nucleus hive API EPP Brown

Something more than a hive

EPP is similar to polystyrene, but with a number of additional features has significant advantage over its older competitors. Due to its increased resistance to physical and chemical factors, it is increasingly used where the production material is put to a severe test by the user. Products made of foamed polypropylene can withstand even very heavy loads, which allows to maintain a long life and functionality of the device. One of the most appreciated advantages of EPP is its resistance to moisture. It means that even if it is in contact with water or wetland for a long period of time, it does not absorb water, does not get wet and is not susceptible to mould, fungus or rust. But that is not all. The latest discovery of the industrial world, is also known for its good acoustic and thermal insulation properties, and this opens up further possibilities for manufacturers to use EPP. However, what puts EPP high on the podium in comparison with other construction materials is the fact that items made from it are fully recyclable.


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Little big hive

Anyone who has dealt with queen bees knows how difficult their breeding can be. That is why it is so important that each stage of its life, from the queen bee to the introduction to a new colony, is supervised by a beekeeper with special care and attention. The MINI API beehive made of foamed polypropylene is the perfect solution for keeping queen bees together with a small number of bees until the queen inseminates. Despite its plasticity, which allows for the formation of virtually any shape, EPP has a very high resistance to physical and chemical factors. Inert to any impact, deformation or mechanical damage, it provides the equipment with high durability, thus guaranteeing a longer service life. Thanks to its excellent thermal properties, smaller colonies with spare queens can also be wintered in it, ensuring that they maintain the required temperature for a long time. The EPP material is also stable over a wide temperature range (-40°C - +60°C) and therefore its properties are in no way dependent on the prevailing weather conditions outside. This also provides additional protection for the bee colony in the case of fire. Furthermore, the combustion of the EPP material does not result in the emission of toxic gases, again a plus for environmental protection. Another advantage of the foamed polypropylene hive is its low moisture absorption. A key context for maintaining proper apiary hygiene. The closed cells of the building material make it completely waterproof. Following this line of thought, we come across another important feature of EPP. By using it in the manufacture of hives, we minimise the susceptibility of the bee's nest to fungal or mould growth.  Similarly, the acoustic properties of EPP hives are extremely important to bees, as they are particularly sensitive to noise. A loud sound can provoke a hive to attack, which results in unnecessary energy consumption. In addition, by populating the new generation hive with a bee colony, we provide it with the comfort of not transmitting vibrations from the outside, to which bees are very sensitive.


  • 100% recyclable EPP hive
  • Removable feeder chamber with a grating element to prevent entry of queen bees
  • Ventilation grid on the front
  • Adjustable front wall of the hive to open the inlet or the ventilation space
  • Removable bottom for easy cleaning
  • Feeding chamber and frames are covered with transparent hard foil with a flap



  • Height 175mm
  • Depth 243mm
  • Width 150mm
  • Net weight 0.4kg
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