Steam wax melter and uncapping table in one -...
Steam wax melter and uncapping table in one - 1000 mm

Steam wax melter and uncapping table in one - 1000 mm

Steam wax melter is a useful tool when you want to melt down the combs or cappings you`ll collect during extraction. Adaptable for various frame standards. 1000 mm.


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Steam wax melter made of 0.8mm thick 0H18N9 stainless steel.

The device is adapted for melting wax and uncapping frames. The melter has a water tank, which is fed through a hose connected to the tank. The tank is equipped with a water level sensor that automatically opens or closes the supply of running water depending on its level. A 6 kW heater was used to heat the water.

Technical parameters:

Dadant frame steam melter, the use of an elongated adapter, adapts the melter to the frame
Deutsche Normal
perforated sieve and drain on the bottom
length: 1000 mm, total length 1200 mm
height: 400 mm, total height 850 mm
445 mm wide, 800 mm overall width
number of chambers: 1 pc


acid-proof stainless steel
400V power supply
heating power of the steam generator - 6 kW
weight - 52.80 kg

Uncapping table:

sieve - 1 piece
stand for uncapping the frame
rail reducing the table width (max. frame width without mustache 470mm)

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