Radial-cassette DADANT honey extractor,...
Radial-cassette DADANT honey extractor, Ø1000mm, electric drive, PREMIUM

Radial-cassette DADANT honey extractor, Ø1000mm, electric drive, PREMIUM

Radial-cassette honey extractor, Ø1000mm, 6 x Dadant, electric drive, PREMIUM LINE. Automatic controller.


Radial-cassette honey extractors allow rotating frames in a radial or cassette system (after mounting cassettes in the basket). In a radial arrangement, the basket accommodates 6 pieces of frames less than a standard radial basket. This is due to the fact that the frame can not be placed at the cassette mounting location.


Drum is made of acid-proof stainless steel, properly reinforced and stiffened, equipped with a trigger.

Stand is made of black steel covered with a layer of paint applied by electrostatic method. Stable and easy to dismantle.

Basket entirely made of stainless steel rods. Basket rims are equipped with appropriately profiled fastenings preventing the frames from falling out during the spin. The basket is additionally mounted in two mounts: top and bottom.

Transparent covers made of metaplex, giving the opportunity to observe the spin process without having to open them and expose them to the danger of contact with the rotating basket.

Engine 0.75kW Honey extractor is supplied with 230V AC.

Advanced automatic control HE-03 uses the latest developments in the fields of electronics, computer science and process control automation. When designing the controller, the greatest emphasis was put on the ease and intuitive operation and reliability of work. The functionality of the controller was selected to ensure maximum comfort of work with the honey extractor.

Basic functional features of the HE-03 controller:

  • 8 fully programmable automatic cycles
  • 2 autonomic manual cycles
  • large (4.3 ") color TFT graphic display with energy-saving LED backlight and 480x272 pixels
  • operation via 8 ergonomically arranged control buttons
  • simple and intuitive user interface using high-contrast graphics to ensure excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • graphical spin cycle editor - equipped with the auto-correction function of parameters
  • 2 independent honey extractor operating time counters
  • advanced diagnostic and control functions that monitor the controller's operation parameters and attached equipment on an ongoing basis
  • cooperation with a high-class Mitsubishi vector inverter

As standard, we add special pads to the honey extractors to increase the comfort and safety of bee-keeping. Thanks to them, the vibrations of the honey extractors during honey spin are minimized.

The pads are made of PVC (SOFT) material. Very often spinning frames of different weights due to the different amounts of honey they contain. By using LYSON pads you ensure the highest quality of device optimization.

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