Honey filter
Honey filter

Honey filter

Large filtering area makes it very effective and maintenance free. The filter consists of two stainless and acid-resistant pipes, a support stand, 4 valves, 4 filter bags and 4 nozzles.


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Honey filter

Consists of 2 stainless steel pipes, acid – resistant, with the diameter of 48 mm (6/4”). The vertical pipe is finished with the connector that enables easy filter-to-pump hose insertion.

The horizontal pipe is equipped with 4 nozzles with the diameter of 42 mm (5/4”) with ball valves and flexible sieves. The entire set rests on 4 legs with adjustable spacing for easy fitting onto all types of uncapping tables (the table is not a part of the device - to be purchased separately). Each of these 4 filters can be switched on or off by turning the appropiate valve. It is useful during the cleaning of each filter. The filter can be fitted onto 1000 or 1500 mm tables.

All components are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. The device is user-friendly, easy to transport and clean as the requiered elements are easily dismantable.

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