Canvas gloves for all types of apiaries


In every industry where the safety of employees is important, the use of appropriate protective clothing is required. High health and safety standards contribute to a real increase in productivity and efficiency. Minimising the risk of accidents becomes the main element of everyday work conducted in hazardous conditions. The same situation occurs in beekeeping industry. Working with bees gives a lot of satisfaction while at the same time it can be very dangerous. Experienced beekeepers apply their knowledge of bees' behaviour and their habits. However, bees are living creatures which are influenced by many factors. The activity of a bee colony is very much influenced by weather conditions i.e. pressure and precipitation. Any negative change in the weather also affects the mood of the bees. Because of this even an experienced beekeeper should wear a full set of protective clothing. All the more so if you just begin your adventure with bees. The presented canvas gloves are perfect for any kind of apiary. Nowadays they become a mandatory element of apiary accessories. They ensure work safety, but are also light and comfortable. We encourage you to protect yourself and your co-workers with LYSON clothing that offers modern design solutions. In our  offer you will find overalls, hats, jackets, trousers and other equipment and tools supporting beekeepers' work.

Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton


- elastic welts

- extended cuffs

- made of high quality materials

- for professional and semi-professional apiaries

- high level of comfort

- high tear resistance and long service life

- the predominance of polyester in the fabric of the gloves guarantees their stability and convenient maintenance

- washing temperature 65 degrees C

- manufactured in Poland


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