Hive numbers - blue
Hive numbers - blue

Hive numbers - blue

The hive numbers in three different colors - orange, dark blue and white - are extremely useful for beekeepers who want to easily identify their hives. Each set of numbers contains 18 digits, which allows for precise marking and organization of hives in the apiary.


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The orange color is vivid and clear, which makes it easy to read the numbers even from a distance. Dark blue is very visible on light hives, and white on dark hives.

Each number can be easily attached to the hive, ensuring a permanent and legible marking. The numbers are made IN POLAND of high-quality plastic that is resistant to weather conditions.

Thanks to the set of hive numbers, beekeepers can easily identify individual hives in the apiary. This enables meticulous monitoring and documentation of information about each hive, such as honey production, bee population development and health status. This ensures more precise and effective apiary management.

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