Claw hive tool, stainless
Claw hive tool, stainless

Claw hive tool, stainless

Hive tool (claw hive tool), stainless


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In our offer you will also find a beekeeping hive tool useful for separating frames and elements of beehives glued by the bees by bee putty.

The beekeeping hive tool has a very solid construction and was made with great care. Hive tool is well profiled to the beekeeper's hand. Comfortably puts in the palm of your hand, guaranteeing comfortable work. The tools we offer are very high quality. You will certainly find something that suits your needs.

Hive tool made of stainless steel.

Beekeeping hive tool which is used, for example, to separate and undermine frames and elements of beehives glued by the bees. The hive tool is comfortable in the hand.

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