8-cassette DADANT honey extractor, Ø1000mm,...

8-cassette DADANT honey extractor, Ø1000mm, electric drive, automatic, CLASSIC

Cassette honey extractor, Ø1000mm, 8 x Dadant, electric drive, CLASSIC LINE. Automatic controller.


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Cassette honey extractors are designed for medium and large apiaries. They are equipped with movable cassettes in which frames are placed.

Cassettes:  8

Frame type: Dadant

Drive: electric

Power supply: 230V

Diameter: 1000mm


Automatic controller HE-02N for honey extractors gives the possibility to choose two manual programs (right-left) and ten automatic programs, programmed by default for a given honey extractor diameter, but with the possibility of programming them according to the user's needs. The controller is equipped with a working hours counter which can be read after starting the control. The controller has an alarm that informs you when the lid of the honey extractor is opened or when the safety button is pressed. In both cases, the device cannot be started.

As standard, we add special pads to the honey extractors to increase the comfort and safety of beekeeping. Thanks to them, the vibrations of the honey extractors during honey spin are minimized.

The pads are made of PVC (SOFT) material. Very often spinning frames of different weights due to the different amounts of honey they contain. By using LYSON pads you ensure the highest quality of device optimization.

Name Frame Cassette
Dadant 435×300 mm 425×340 mm

Product Details

Drum diameter
Ø1000 mm
Drive system
Electric bottom
Power supply
Motoreducer 0,55kW
Drum thickness
0,6 mm
Honey gate
2x stainless 2”
Top bar
Flat bar 60x10 mm powder coated
4 mm acrylic glass
Powder coated 60x40 mm
Plastic 8 pcs.
Drum rim
Powder coated
Drum height
730 mm
Reinforcing frame
Powder coated
Type of frame
8x Dadant, 16x Dadant 1/2
Cassette material
Stainless rod Ø2 and Ø5 mm
Shipped on pallet

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