Leather gloves Sizes 8 - 11

Leather gloves Sizes 8 - 11

Leather gloves. Sizes 8 - 11 - provide effective protection.


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Apart from apiary equipment and accessories supporting beekeepers, LYSON offers professional beekeeping clothing. Our products are perfect for all kinds of apiaries – both professional and hobbyist’s ones. Ensuring the safety of bee handlers is a priority. Especially if the youngest ones help us in our garden apiaries. If that is the case we offer clothing designed to suit their needs. With these leather gloves you can be sure of the quality of workmanship. The product is designed and sewn in Poland by a Polish manufacturer. The gloves should be washed with warm water (not hot), and rinsed with lukewarm or cool water. Gloves should not be dried on a radiator or in hot weather. Gloves drying in the temperature "To prevent their deformation" - preferably on the hands or stuffed with crumpled paper without printing. We make every effort to meet the requirements of the modern beekeeping. Being on the market for over twenty-five years in fact, often we set market standards for the industry in Poland. We have a lot of experience which gives us  knowledge of what exactly is required by beekeepers. The use of our clothing can increase the efficiency of your work while maintaining a high safety standards. We encourage you to match your clothing with all the necessary accessories, equipment and clothing elements from hats, jackets, overalls that make work in your apiary easier and more enjoyable. Benefit from the knowledge of professionals, trust our experience – Use LYSON products..


Composition: gloves made of leather, protector elanocotton - 65% polyester, 35% cotton



- for all kinds of apiaries

- equipped with extended cuffs

- elastic welts minimising the risk of bees getting under the clothes

- highest quality materials

- highest level of comfort

- the gloves are made of the highest class, soft, soft grain goatskin with sewn-on canvas

- canvas length 23 cm


Sizes available:

- 8 (S)

- 9 (M)

- 10 (L)

- 11 (XXL)

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