Net for hat washing with green zip
Net for hat washing with green zip
Net for hat washing with green zip
Net for hat washing with green zip

Net for hat washing with green zip

Multi-annual experience in the beekeeping industry

Our industry experience which is built over twenty five years is based on the knowledge of LYSON specialists. These innovative and inventive solutions have made our apiary products more and more popular among customers around the world. The beekeeping suit with a hat in the PREMIUM LINE version is a perfect solution which works well in every type of apiary. Thanks to our solutions, we want to provide beekeepers with the highest quality of the final product. The beekeeping suit was made, including made of spacer (membranous) fabric, enabling freed ventilation. The presented suits are available in white colour. In case of a dedicated hat net it is used to secure the hat during washing. Hats with a plastic rod can be washed with the net.


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Beekeeping clothes for every apiary

It is very important that the drum of the washing machine is not overfilled during the washing process – it may damage the hat. The best solution is washing with a small amount of refill. For many beekeepers, apiary activities are daily professional work and thereby the use of fully professional clothes will be a great solution. This has a significant impact on the ergonomics of beekeeping work and generative efficiency of the apiary itself – mainly when the number of hives reaches several dozen or even several hundred hives. After unfastening the hat, clothes can be washed in a washing machine at up to 60 C. Tumble dry at low speed, press at maximum 150 degrees – do not bleach it. Dry by hanging it out, press only with steam. Clothes should not be dried in the sun. Washing a hat with a metal rod in the washing machine may lead to damaging the hat itself.


Comfort in working with bees

Choose comfort and the highest quality of products today – choose equipment, accessories and clothes manufactured by LYSON Company. Our offer also includes extensive specialist literature as well as feed and preparations for bees. There are also numerous models of gloves, trousers and beekeeping hats adjusted to your beekeeping needs.

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