Acid resistant rubber gloves

Acid resistant rubber gloves

Acid resistant rubber gloves – professional and reliable solution.


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The highest quality products are also the showcase of LYSON Company capabilities also in the case of clothing. In our offer you will find professional beekeeping equipment, various types of accessories and apiary tools and machines. All our products are made with beekeepers and their daily hard work in mind. The products we make are of high quality and contribute to the increase of apiary production efficiency. This type of glove is a universal flocked glove with a thickness of 0.38 mm, suitable for a variety of applications.Protection in the apiary is a priority issue, protection against bees requires the use of reliable and proven clothing. All our products are extensively tested and meet the safety requirements of the modern beekeeping industry. You may ask – what if I want to disinfect some elements in my apiary? Many agents used to disinfect beehives, bottoms, etc. contain various acids and other active substances which fight microorganisms and bacteria. In this case, it is both justified and necessary to use the gloves in question. They provide full protection against the above mentioned substances. They provide some protection against the effects of the above substances. Nitrile gloves are ideal when you need to ensure safety in a wide range of work environments in the presence of aggressive chemicals. The flocked cotton lining of the glove, combined with the flexibility of the nitrile emulsion, provides the wearer with exceptional comfort. On the other hand, the inverted diamond pattern further enhances grip. The "sand sheet" finish gives the glove a smooth surface. Do not expose the gloves to direct sunlight. They must be stored in a cool and dry place. Chemical resistant gloves are not washable or reusable. Our clothing is an element of the offer supplementing the main apiary equipment that we produce. We take care of the productivity of your apiaries, your safety during honey harvesting or hives inspection, as well as your health and comfort in case of disinfection works. Use proven and professional LYSON clothing. It is popular with beekeepers all over the world, which confirms its functionality and excellent workmanship.

Composition:  glove material – nitrile


- perfect for disinfection work in the apiary

- for any kind of apiary

- high level of comfort

- made in Poland

- thick layer of flexible nitrile guarantees durability while maintaining high dexterity

- textured palm surface – for high level of grip

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