Rubber coated gloves with long cuff
Rubber coated gloves with long cuff

Rubber coated gloves with long cuff

Rubber gloves with canvas – optimal protection and excellent quality


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Rubber gloves with canvas cuffs are a perfect solution for both professional and semi-professional beekeepers. They will work even in the most demanding apiaries. Concern for the safety of employees as well as hobby apiarists should lead to use the highest quality beekeeping clothing. We have been successfully designing LYSON products for almost thirty years basing on the experience and knowledge of our specialists. Gloves are one of the main protection elements needed in apiary. Our offer includes many elements that increases your safety such as overalls, hats, trousers and beekeeping jackets. In the case of rubber gloves with canvas cuffs, we are dealing with a high-class product that meets the highest quality standards of the contemporary beekeeping industry. They are light and comfortable to use. The gloves’ cuffs are extended with special elastic welts used to minimise the likelihood of bees getting under the clothing. The gloves are resistant to abrasion, abrasion or puncture. Grips and half of the upper part are coated with yellow nitrile. They ensure elastic efficiency - nitrile increases resistance to greases, oils, fats and hydrocarbons. It is completely safe for people allergic to latex, both in the case of the person wearing the gloves and the person being touched. The gloves cannot be washed and dry cleaned. It is best to remove dirt with a brush. They should be stored in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight at room temperature. Gloves should not be exposed to heat radiation.We encourage you to check out our full offer. Our company is a leader in the production of professional apiary equipment and all types of tools making work in the apiary easier and even more enjoyable. Use only proven solutions – trust LYSON products.

Composition: gloves made of nitrile-coated cotton, Canvas - 65% polyester, 35%


- cuffs with elastic welts (length 24 cm)

- high level of safety and comfort

- the highest quality glove materials

- designed and made in Poland

- perfect for any kind of apiary


Available sizes:

- 9 (M)

- 10 (L)

Glove sizes

Hand length in mm:

- 7” / 171 mm

- 8” / 182 mm

- 9” / 192 mm

- 10” / 204 mm


Hand circumference in mm:

- 7” / 178 mm

- 8” / 203 mm

- 9” / 229 mm

- 10” / 254 mm


Minimum glove length in mm:

- 7” / 230 mm

- 8” / 240 mm

- 9” / 250 mm

- 10” / 260 mm

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