The Apimondia Congress is one of the most important beekeeping events in the world, with a rich history that goes deep into the past. It is worth reflecting on how this prestigious event came to be and how it has evolved over the years.

History of Apimondia Congress

The Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress has its roots in the 19th century. The congress was the brainchild of August Brulle, a French beekeeper and entomologist, who in 1884 proposed that bee lovers from different countries meet to share their knowledge and experience. As a result, the first Apimondia Congress was held in Brussels in 1897. Since then it has become a periodic event, which is organized by the International Organization of Apimondia Beekeeping Associations.

The Apimondia Congress attracts beekeepers and beekeeping experts from around the world. During the event, you can attend numerous lectures, workshops, presentations and trade fairs, where products and services related to beekeeping are exhibited. 

Lyson Group's success at Apimondia Chile 2023

Apimondia Chile 2023 was another edition of this significant beekeeping event, which attracted hundreds of bee enthusiasts from different corners of the globe. Poland, represented by the Lyson Group, once again proved to be a leader at this prestigious congress.

In total, Polish beekeepers from the Lyson Group brought back 16 medals, which is not only a great honor for them, but also proof of the high quality and innovation of Polish beekeeping. Achievements in the categories of innovative solutions related to beekeeping were especially appreciated - which was sealed with a gold medal for a honey dispenser.

The gold, silver and bronze medals won by the Lyson Group show that Poland has much to offer the world of beekeeping. 

Next challenges - Apimondia 2025

The Apimondia Congress is not only an opportunity to win medals and awards, but also a place where bee enthusiasts meet, share their knowledge and experience, and discuss the most important issues related to bee protection and beekeeping.

The next edition of Apimondia will be held in Denmark in 2025. It is now that we can look forward to the excitement and successes that will become part of this wonderful tradition. Poland has much to offer the world of beekeeping, and we hope that our achievements in this field will continue to grow.

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