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One of the main benefits of using the LYSON W4023 Dehydrator is the elimination of the above deficiencies in the quality of the honey produced. 

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Why is the use of the innovative LYSON Rod Dehydrator fully justified and necessary? It is very easy. 18% is the value that the water content of honey should not exceed. However, unfavorable external factors often have the effect of obtaining perfect-quality honey from bee colonies. This is often the case in tropical zones or areas with increased rainfall and therefore greater air humidity. As a result, less moisture evaporation from the honey by the bee colony. The ideal situation is that the honey water is evaporated to its lowest content. Then we obtain honey with the highest quality parameters

One of the main benefits of using the LYSON W4023 Dehydrator is the elimination of the above deficiencies in the quality of the honey produced. The efficiency of the device is very high - in one hour we can evaporate 0.5% of water from 200 liters of fresh honey. Innovation and efficiency of the presented dehydrator puts it at the forefront of modern devices available on the market. The key element that distinguishes it from other dehydrators is the fact that it can be connected to any tank, and the process of drying honey becomes more efficient.

The lower water content in honey results in its greater density and attractiveness of the product for the final consumer - when consuming such dried honey, among others. it sticks better to bread; it is not watery, it tastes inviting. In addition, in the case of larger batches of honey, after the moisture has evaporated, we know that during their transport we do not transport unnecessary and extra kilos in the form of water.

The most important argument in favor of using a LYSON dehydrator is the fact that honey, which contains less water, retains its freshness longer, and its aging processes are much slower. It has been scientifically confirmed that the excess water contained in honey becomes an environment of adverse chemical and biological changes. Thanks to our device, you can effectively increase the shelf life of the honey produced.


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Technical parameters:

- power supply - 230V / 16A

- total power - 2.7 kW

- pump motor - 370 W (2 pcs.)

- air heater - 1,200 W

- heater fan - 55 W

- air dryer - 680 W

- internal fan - 4.3 W (6 pcs.)

- efficiency - 0.5% less moisture in honey in 1 hour from 200 L

- structure - acid-resistant stainless steel

- top cover and side covers made of metal-plex with a thickness of 4 mm

- diameter of honey pipes - Ø 40 mm

- diameter of air pipes -

- Ø 100 mm


Dimensions and weight:

- height - 1 750 mm

- width - 1,250 mm

- length - 1 300 mm

- net weight - 195 kg