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Non-migration pigment 10ml – yellow


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bez kodu pocztowego

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Fun that never gets boring

Self-made soap is always a reason to be happy and proud. It is a perfect solution for spending free time with your closest ones. Fill the mould with a special base of goat's milk or shea butter and let your creative imagination run wild. Add marigold petals or lavender. Add beeswax. Tint the soap in your favourite colour. Can't decide which one to choose? No problem! Create a multi-coloured composition and your creative soap will become the highlight of any bathroom. And finally, what we love most about our soap play. Fragrance! Choose an essential oil and give your soap a unique character.


Play with colours!

With the Handmade Soap Pigments, you can colour your handmade cosmetics according to your own imagination. Thanks to the non-migratory properties of the pigment, the colours can be combined with each other, creating unique colour compositions. The dropper placed in a glass bottle makes the application of the pigment easy and precise. To add colour to our soap, it is enough to add only 2-3 drops per 100 ml of soap base. The product is very efficient, and a wide range of colours will allow to create even the most sophisticated designs.

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