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Uncapping table with a manual feeder View larger

Uncapping table with a manual feeder


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Uncapping machine is a device which can mechanically prepare capped honey frames for the process of honey extraction. It is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness of work.

The device consists of:
»»mechanical feeder
»»1500 mm long table, equipped with roller wheels and two perforated baskets for uncapped honey
»»steam generator 

Table for the frames variant:
»» Dadant and Langstroth
»» German frame "Deutsch Normal"

Types of uncapped frames:
»» hoffman's
»» standard
»» with spacers

The engine driving the knives of uncapping table:
»» 400 V / 180 W

»»Voltage of the table 230 V
»»Frequency - 50 Hz
»»Power of knives drive motor 0.18 kW
»»Steam generator's voltage 230 V
»»Steam generator heating power - 1500 W
»»Steam generator's tank capacity - 4 I
»»Steam production time 15 min.
»»The working time of steam generator - 1 h