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Hygienic crown boards Dadant 12-frame with thermometer


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Hygienic crown boards Dadant 12-frame with thermometer

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Faster, simpler, more accurate!

A healthy and thriving bee colony requires the correct temperature in the hive. The purchase of an additional measurement instrument is reduced by the built-in thermometer, lowering the cost of outfitting the hive. The apiary's control is reduced to a simple lifting of the roof and reading the information signaling changes inside the hive in this way. If the temperature reported by the sensor is very low compared to the rest of the hive, this could suggest a shortage of brood. Similarly, a large spike in temperature can be noted in the spring before brooding, which should be a strong indication to the beekeeper to take proper precautions.

This approach significantly improves the apiary's work organization by allowing for more time to respond and make final adjustments during the planned task. We all know that excessive humidity and poor ventilation are two of the most serious dangers to a bee family's proper wintering. As a result, the 6 guides in our hygienic shelter enable effective dilatation, allowing us to channel dew gathered from beneath the cover over the hive's insulation by producing a dome. We build a natural buffer by employing a dome, such as one made from a felt pad, to delay the instant clash of cold and heat. Moisture is absorbed and then evaporated.

The sanitary shelter's material is totally resistant to the acids used in bee treatment. During dosing, the innovative design enables for a quick overview of the hive's reaction. Maintaining hygienic conditions within the nest is another crucial part of proper apiary management. The cover's design allows the bees to move around freely while still preventing excessive buildup. The transparent shell of the concept we've described has the advantage of limiting frequent inspections and thus improving the bee family's health without disrupting the eco-system inside.


Hygienic crown boards Dadant 12-frame with thermometer is comatibile with:

  • Most of the Dadant hives WL 12-frame.
  • 4l, 2l, 1l flood feeders
  • Formic and acetic acid dispensers
  • Generally available caps, bases and canopies
  • Spider strainers with standard 85mm diameter (not included)


* Material: PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

* thickness: 1mm

* Dimensions: 413x485 mm

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