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Manual feed uncapping machine


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Manual feed uncapping machine

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During the process of uncapping frames with honey, waste in the form of uncapping is generated. However, the uncaps contain full-fledged honey.

The process of recovering honey from uncapping is best carried out directly during uncapping. We recommend the purchase of one of the options below for uncapping tables with an uncapping device with a manual or automatic feeder.

Uncapping table with uncapping machine with manual feeder (on stand)

Device parameters:

  • table supply voltage - 230V
  • frequency - 50 Hz
  • knife drive motor power - 0.18kW
  • steam generator supply voltage - 230V
  • heating power of the steam generator - 1500W
  • steam generator tank capacity - 4L
  • steam production time - 15min
  • working time of the steam generator - 1h
  • table from 1500mm long, equipped with wheels
  • and two perforated baskets