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Zinc smoker without heat shield - BeeTools


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Zinc smoker without heat shield. High 31 cm.

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Warranty2 years

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Zinc smoker is necessary for beekeeeper. 

 It is very useful during honeybeeing but also during various beehives.

Zinc smoker fumigates, calms the bees, making them to go up the hive. This product allows us to work with beehive without any fear, without exposing ourselves to be attacked by bees.

Fumed bees are not aggressive and we can start honey extraction without any difficulty.

Zinc smoker have been used for generations. The original form of the zinc smoker was rotten, dry trees.

Now we have a lot of  special fuel for example with a nice lavender fragrance. In our offer you can also find regular pressed fuel.

The operation of this article is very simple, at the bootom we light up the fuel. When there is a thick, bright smoke we close the cover of the zinc smoker.

The smoke coming from the zinc smoker should be put into the hive. 

Zinc smoker without radiator, galvanized. Height 31cm.