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Distance ring Wielkopolski, Ostrowska (MONOLIT) - painted


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bez kodu pocztowego

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Every experienced beekeeper knows how demanding the moment of honey harvesting is. It must be carefully planned. Additionally, without major delays in operation. The efficient implementation of the honey harvesting process gives comfort not only to the beekeeper, but also to the bees themselves, positively influencing the further development of the entire bee colony. Therefore, to optimize your beekeeping activities, LYSON's design staff has prepared a special type of rings with a monolithic pocket. Before we introduced the accessory to our offer, it was tested many times by us, achieving excellent results. We use the ring with a monolithic shaft at the moment preceding the honey spin.

It is best if one day before centrifuging the honey, we separate the bee's nest from the honey. As a result, bees move from the honey bodies to the birthplace at night. This very ingenious solution allows for a situation where in the morning when collecting the bodies from the hive, there are very few bees in the honey itself. Additionally, after removing the bodies, put the spider in the entrance hole - cover the whole thing with a roof and start spinning the frames. After the process of spinning the frames is finished, remove the ring with a spacer and put the bodies back on. The bees can then safely enter the honey, clean the frames and start harvesting the honey again by placing it in the frames.

The high effectiveness of the proposed accessory is ensured by the increased space between the frames and the compartment. The high durability of the product was achieved by vulcanizing the batten with polystyrene. Our offer includes many accessories that facilitate work in the apiary. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of hives, devices and clothing intended for beekeepers. We distribute our products to over 50 countries around the world. This proves a very high degree of trust of our customers and the functionality of the devices offered. Thanks to the innovative solutions of the LYSON company, you can increase the optimization of apiary works and generate high productivity of your apiary. Trust our company's many years of experience.

- dimensions: 447 x 447 x 50 mm

- weight: 1,16 kg


DADANT type:
- dimensions: 520 x 447 x 50 mm

- weight: 1,48 kg

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