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Honey loosening device


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bez kodu pocztowego

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Honey loosening/uncapping device

In the production of LYSON devices, special attention is paid to their functionality. Our specialists from the design department make every effort to ensure that the projects meet all the requirements of the modern beekeeping industry. It is the convenience and improvement of the work of beekeepers, in smaller and professional apiaries, that are most important to us. The latest equipment that can effectively accelerate work in an apiary is a device for loosening honey and uncapping of frames. The main element of the device are two parallel plates with spring needles facing each other. Using the lever, the needles evenly puncture the uncapped honey frame. Thanks to this, the honey inside the frame becomes more liquid and it can be centrifuged much easier and faster from the uncapped frames. Choose proven LYSON technical propositions acknowledged by beekeepers from around the world.


Technical data:

- material: acid-resistant stainless steel

- dimensions: length 670mm, width 490mm, height 1115mm

- weight: 50 kg

- package dimensions: length 675mm, width 495mm, height 1115mm