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Paint for hives - pink 1l


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Paint for hives - pink 1l

Beehive paints

Are you thinking about renovating the hives located in your apiary? This is a very good solution to keep their visual and functional condition at a very high level. We offer a wide spectrum of bee-friendly paints. A large selection of colors means that everyone can choose the right color to suit their preferences, taste and the color of the apiary itself. Available colors are: blue, celadon, yellow, pink, green and gray.

We encourage you to renew your apiaries taking into account the current consumer trend. Modern apiaries that please the eye with innovative colors make a much greater impression on honey consumers. They also have a positive impact on the surroundings and are attractive decoration. It should be added that beekeeping itself is becoming very popular nowadays - modern colors of hives can be an interesting promotion of beekeeping passion among non-beekeepers.

Our paints are characterized by high abrasion resistance. Thanks to the combination of silicone and acrylic, a dense impervious surface is created during painting - resistant to microorganisms. Paints are of course safe and bee-friendly. Give your apiary a modern color - choose LYSON paints.


Product Advantages:

- high resistance to weather conditions (UV radiation, humidity)

- abrasion resistant and hydrophobic

- excellent adhesion on various surfaces

- resistant to microorganisms

- perfectly protects against external conditions creating a uniform coating

- protects from the penetration of chloride ions and SO2

- safe for bees