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Tangential honey extractor, Ø650mm, 6-frame, electric drive, OPTIMA


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Tangential honey extractor, Ø650mm, 6-frame, electric drive, OPTIMA LINE. Packed in carton, self-assembly.

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Data sheet

product line OPTIMA
Type of extractor Tangential honey extractors, 6-frame
Frame type Wielkopolska, Langstroth, Ostrowskiej
Drum diameter[mm] Ø650
Drive system electric
Power supply 12/230V
Controller CDD
Motor 24V/250W
Sheet thickness 0,6 mm
Cover 3 mm
Honey gate Stainless 6/4"
Valve type Flap valve
Top bar Flat bar 10 mm, powder coated
Legs Short, powder coated
Hinges Plastic 4 szt.
Mesh size 20×20 mm
Basket mount Drum mountedbearing
Drum height 610 mm
Drum rim brak
Other Shipped in carton
Warranty 3 years
* Warranty for electrical components, controller, motor and drive elements - 2 years

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Honey extractor with a small drum diameter that accommodates 6 frames inside the basket, characterized by the versatility of being able to spin virtually all types of frames.
A characteristic feature of the Tagidental Honey extractor is the need to turn the frames.
Diagonal honeellers are intended for beekeepers with smaller apiaries.

Drum with a diameter of 650 mm made of acid-proof stainless steel 0H18N9. The bottom of the cone shaped Honey extractor drum, respectively reinforced and stiffened.

Basket of honey extractors, made of stainless, acid-resistant rods, arranged in a way that protects the frames against breakage of the slices during centrifugation. The size of the mesh 20x20 mm.

Electric drive 24V / 250W electric drive mounted at the top.

flap valve Stainless steel 6/4 "

Transparent cover, made of meta-plexus, giving the opportunity to observe the spin process without opening the honey extractor and risking contact with the rotating basket.

Beam and legs powder coated which increases the resistance of the coating.